Creating a bronze sculpture can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.


The process usually begins with finding a model, getting great photographs (for later use) and having a very clear vision in mind of what the end result will be.


I build the figures in "paper clay", which needs to be kept wet. While building the figure/s in clay, it's simply stage after stage of refinements. It can be very meditative!


Once I am happy with the result, the clay is left to dry. I then send the completely dry clay model off to have a mold made.



Using the mold, I can choose the finish that I desire for the figure. I usually get them done in cold cast bronze, which is an affordable alternative to bronze, making my art more accessible to a wider audience. I also create limited edition artworks in what's known as hot cast bronze, typically for display and selling through galleries. 

Working from a model
Photographs in the studio
Big shapes are in place
Roughing in all areas
Working mainly from photos on this pose
cleaning up the whole figure with more precision and subtlety
Clarifying, softening, adjusting
Detail after it is cast
Finished in cold cast bronze
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